DIY Washi Tape + Two Washi Tape Ideas

So, I was recently talking with some fellow bloggers about where to buy Washi Tape. After our conversation I ran out to my local Target, only to discover that they only had one roll available, and that roll cost $3. Gasp!

And being my frugal self, I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much, so decided to try to make my own.

And oh my goodness. I think I found my new obsession.

Washi Tape is SO SO SO easy to make!

Yes, you can make your very own customizable washi tape! And the cool thing is, you can make it using different materials, like fabric, newspaper, regular paper, etc.

That’s the cool thing about it- it’s so versatile!

So, here’s how you do it.

Your three main ingredients for making washi tape is masking tape, Mod Podge and parchment paper. You’ll also need a crafting brush, something to pour your Mod Podge on (I used a paper plate), and scissors.

Tear off a large piece of parchment paper and lay it on your workspace.

Take your masking tape and tape long strips to the parchment paper. My tape wasn’t adhering to the parchment paper all that well, so I taped my masking tape to the table. You can see how I did that at the top of the above picture. Taping it to the table worked really well for keeping everything in place.

Cut out strips of your chosen material. Make sure to cut them out a little wider than the masking tape. I used fabric, magazine paper, and I even made my own customizable strips using printer paper and markers.

Take your Mod Podge and brush it over the masking tape. Make sure to use a good amount so your strips will adhere well to the tape.

Smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles using your fingers or a craft roller if you have one on hand.

Once you have that all smoothed out, take more Mod Podge and brush it on top of your strips of material. I was very liberal with the amount I used. I wanted to make sure that it would stick really well to the masking tape and firm up. Trust me, don’t be shy with the Mod Podge!

Here are all my strips of future Washi Tape coated nicely. The marker did smear a bit when I brushed the Mod Podge onto the strips, but it wasn’t bad. I used washable markers and that may have been my problem.

Let your strips dry. I let mine dry overnight just to be extra sure.

Here they are the next morning. Dry and shiny and oh so pretty! Sorry for the quality of the pic. But you get the idea. :)

Next, cut your parchment paper into its individual sections and turn them over so you can see the masking tape. Isn’t that cool?!

Take your scissors and cut along the edges of the masking tape. DO NOT remove the parchment paper. It’s keeping the masking tape sticky!

When you’re ready to use your tape, just peel back the parchment paper. It was super simple to peel back. I had no problems with it at all!

And here are some of the things I used my Washi Tape to make.

I used a paper towl roll, covered it with paper, decorated the edges with my fabric Washi Tape and made a plastic bag holder for the car (I found this idea on Pinterest, but I didn’t like the idea of seeing an ugly paper towel roll in the car, so I had to deck it out!)!

Here’s a close up of the tape. It adhered to the paper towel roll beautifully!

Next, I took some old magnets that were on my refrigerator and gave them new life using my awesome new DIY Washi Tape. Are you anxious to see how it turned out?

Ta Da! I love it! I raided my daughters craft supplies and added some foam stickers to two of them to give them some extra personality. So much better than the old magnets!

**NOTE** One thing I should have done before I completed my project was to make a wider Washi Tape. You can totally make different sizes! All you have to do is make your masking tape strip wider using several rows of masking tape, laying them side-by-side. I think I am going to try that soon so I can have a variety of sizes and types!

Try this out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. says

    Saw you left a comment on my blog ( and popped over to say hi. I love this idea! I have to make the tape–and then the bag holder for all those grocery bags floating around the back of the car. P.S. The shoes are seriously one of the easiest things I've ever sewed. Go for it!

    • The Rookie Seamstress says

      I’ve never thought to sew shoes, I will definitely put that on my list of things to do! And the Washi Tape was seriously so easy to make! The fabric one was my favorite. Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it!!

    • The Rookie Seamstress says

      Thank you! I loved making it and using it for different things! Thanks for following me! :)

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