Sewed Thank You Cards

Before I had Little V, my best friend Rachel planned a baby shower for me at our church. Since I was 8 months pregnant and in super nesting mode, I got this great idea to sew some Thank You cards for those who gave gifts.

Go ahead and call me crazy, but I had a blast doing it.. and it was super easy too!

Here’s how you do it.

You’ll need:

  • Blank Paper Note Cards- preferably made of thick card stock. I found mine at Hobby Lobby
  • Assorted pieces of Coordinating Scrapbook Paper- any size will do. A 12″x12″ sheet will give you more than enough to work with!
  • Scissors, or Scissors and a Paper Cutter
  • Thread- Any Color you choose
  • Your sewing machine, of course

Take your paper and cut them into 1.5″-2″ strips. If your cards are smaller, make your strips smaller. If they are bigger, well, you get the picture.

This is what you’ll end up with after cutting all the strips:

From each strip, take your scissors and hack them into various triangle shapes.No need to be exact. Give those triangles some personality!


This is what I ended up with. As you can see I have triangles of all shapes and sizes.

Then, line up the triangles the way you want to see them sewn on the note card.  I liked them angled, it makes them look like they’re hanging from the top of the card!

Open the note card all the way up, lift your sewing machine foot up and manually put the needle in the edge of your first triangle. This will keep the first triangle in place. Lower the foot and sew to just before the end of the triangle. Feel free to back-stitch. If you’re using thick card stock, I wouldn’t worry about your stitch length. If your note cards are a bit thinner, use a longer stitch length so you won’t get big gaping holes in the paper.

Feed the next triangle into the machine as you go, overlapping the triangles just a bit. Do this until you’ve reached the end. Feel free to back-stitch the opposite end.

You’ll have some extra thread hanging off the ends of the cards. I just snipped them off at the edge of each notecard.

And there you have it! Didn’t it turn out super cute?!

I hand-wrote Thanks and Thank Yous on some of the cards with some craft pens, feel free to do the same or leave them blank!

Here I used just three triangles. It still turned out darling. I love how each different color of note card made the scrapbook paper pop in different ways.

I made a whole assortment of these cards. After giving them out, I had many of the ladies at church ask me if I made them and tell me how cute they turned out. It makes me feel good to give them something I put my passion into. Doesn’t it make you feel good too?


Give these a try and let me know what you think. I would love to see your variation of sewed cards!

Hey! Meet Vanessa

A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!


A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!

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  1. These are SO cute Vanessa!!

    1. The Rookie Seamstress says:

      Thank you! I thought they turned out better than expected! 🙂

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