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Celebrating Holiday Birthdays with Hallmark!

Collective Bias DisclosureAs a Christmas baby (born two days after Christmas, actually), I have always been asked, “Don’t you JUST hate having your birthday next to Christmas?” OR, “Don’t you get cheated out of birthday presents?” And as always, my answer is a big, fat, “NO.” My mom always made sure to make my birthday a separate and special occasion. And because she did, she really made my birthday feel miles away from Christmas. I always had separate birthday presents, a separate celebration and surprise! A birthday cake. Besides, I really don’t mind having a birthday close to Jesus. 🙂

Daughter and Me Nessa MakesSo, when my youngest daughter was born on my birthday (on my 30th birthday of all years!), I promised to make sure her birthdays were made special just like my mom did for me.  Here we are celebrating our birthdays in the hospital. And yes. She has socks on her hands. It’s the best anti-face-scratching system out there, I promise!

Youngest Daughter Nessa MakesThis year she turns two (Guess how old that makes me? Ahh!) and the cuteness has not stopped from day one. She is one awesome girl! For her birthday this year, I wanted to go the extra mile to make sure her birthday was great. No giving her her birthday gifts on Christmas, no skipping a birthday cake because of the innumerable family holiday feasts. This day would be her very own.Walmart Hallmark Cards #shopSo, first thing was first–  Getting her a birthday card! Walmart has an amazing selection of Hallmark cards– rows upon rows of greeting card amazing-ness. With this much to choose from, I knew I would have no problem finding a birthday card that would fit her perfectly.

Hallmark Birthday Card #shopAs soon as I saw this Hallmark birthday card, I knew I had to get it. It was her through and through! Mischief, fun, adventure– yep, that’s her! The butterfly cartoon kinda resembles her too!

Halmark Card Envelope #shopAnnnnd–I love the envelope. The stars really give it that youthful, fun spark that compliments the card! She’s going to love it!

Halmark Card Inside #shopThe inside of the card is a tri-fold with these cute little pop-out paper dolls that you can play with on the card. I love that it has an interactive purpose. Kids love that kind of stuff!Daughter Hallmark Card #shopI let her check out the card to see what she thought about it and yep– she instantly put on the personality that the card portrayed. I think she and the Hallmark birthday card are meant for each other! 🙂

Halmark Husband Birthday Card #shopSince my husband’s birthday is around the holidays too, I picked up this super cute card for him. He LOVES cats, so I thought this was perfect for him. The inside is super cute too, but I will let you run to Walmart and discover it for yourself! 🙂

Holiday Birthday Hallmark #shopAnd here’s my little girl again with her card, sporting a lovely orange marker face. Hey folks, this is real life. This is how we do it around here!

I think she’s going to enjoy having her birthday around the Holidays just like I have– what do you think?

Also, SoFab has some nifty tips in their Holiday Issue to help you to remember birthdays around the Holidays! Check it out using the widget below.

Hey! Meet Vanessa

A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!


A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!

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  1. Jennifer Still says:

    What a precious story about you and your daughter sharing a very special day together. Oh,and Iove the card, very cute!

  2. Your little girl is so cute! Happy birthday to you and her both! I totally agree with you – I love the huge selection of Hallmark cards at Walmart! We picked up a few for my son’s birthday (which fell on Thanksgiving Day this year). Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. They do make some lovely cards, no less. I love the way you found a card that exactly matched her personality. Too cute!

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