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Summer’s here and it’s time to break out those grills, folks! This grilling season has been very exciting for me, as I purchased a new grill…. my very first grill that is not a hand-me-down, in fact. I feel like a REAL grownup now. Ha! So, to kick off the season of grilling and to break in my new grill, I went to WalMart and picked up a few Tyson Cornish hens to slap on the new Bar-B. My husband and I love Asian flavors so I wanted to marinate my hens in a yummy sweet and sour sauce using Kikkoman soy sauce, of course!

Oh, and starting June 1st, you can get $2 off Tyson Cornish Hen Twin  when you buy any Kikkoman product (coupons will be on and on bottles of Kikkoman at WalMart). Score!

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These Tyson Cornish Hens are PERFECT for grilling. I recently discovered a way to grill them in such an even and perfect way to make sure all the meat gets cooked evenly, called spatchcocking (such a weird word, but such a genius method..I promise). I have never grilled poultry in its entirety.  I have only grilled or thrown it in the oven. Spatchcocking (tutorial) really helps when you want to grill a whole poultry. It’s pretty awesome! To spatchcock your poultry, you cut out the entire spine and sternum of the chicken and opening it up like a book. The removing of both the sternum and spine helps it to flatten out, which is perfect for grilling both sides!

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After I spatchcocked the Cornish hens, I tossed some soy sauce, maple syrup, freshly squeezed orange juice and garlic into a large zip-top plastic baggy, shook it up, and added the meat. I then put the baggy in the refrigerator to let it marinade all day (about 8 hours), flipping the bag about every hour to hour-and-a-half so the marinade would fully incorporate into the chicken. I suppose you could double the marinade recipe so you can set it and forget, but since I was home and doing stuff around the house that day, it was no problem to flip it throughout the day. Scroll down for the complete marinade recipe. It’s delicious– I promise!

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After marinating the hens, I used one of the hens I bought and cut the meat off the bones to use for kabobs. To make the kabobs I soaked some skewers in water for about 30 minutes (it helps keep the skewers from breaking or catching on fire while cooking on the grill), then put on pieces of onion, pineapple, peppers, mushrooms and the Cornish hen meat on the skewers, making sure not to crowd them on the skewer so the chicken would cook completely. I also grilled the hens that I had spatchcocked so we could have a variety of Tyson goodness! The kabobs take about 10 minutes to cook over a medium/high heat on the grill and the Cornish hens take about 20-25 minutes.

#ad sweet sour marinated spatchcock cornish hen #grill4flavor #shop

And here’s what a hen looks like when you use the spatchcock method. I seriously will grill my whole poultry meats like this for the rest of my life! It made the BEST, most moist chicken, and the flavor my marinade using the Kikkoman soy sauce really shined through. My family raved about how good it was, and I can’t wait to turn the grill back on and do it again. These Tyson Cornish Hens are PERFECT for grilling and they give you lots of light and dark meat that is so moist and so tender. Yum. Yum!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, because I sure did!

Sweet & Sour Poultry Marinade
  • ¼ cup Kikkoman Soy Sauce
  • 3 Tablespoons Maple Syrup
  • 2 Tablespoons Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced

  1. Toss all above ingredients into a gallon-sized zip top baggy, close and shake to incorporate all ingredients. Add poultry and marinate for 7-8 hours, flipping bag every 1-2 hours, If you cannot flip the bag, just double the recipe so your chicken will be better covered by the marinade.

If you want more info on Tyson and their amazing products, be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. I have also been a long time fan if Kikkoman and their products, so be sure to become their fans on Facebook and Twitter too!

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A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!

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