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We’re Selling our Home: Tips for a Clean Kitchen

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If you’re like me, you will admit that you kitchen is the highest traffic area in the whole house. We cook, we bake, we eat, we do homework, we play games, we do projects- all right in the kitchen. If you’re still like me, you keep your kitchen somewhat clean, but you never really deep clean it like you should And, if you’re still really, REALLY like me, you’ll let the dishes go sometimes. Like this:

kitchen dirty #PalmoliveMultiSurface #adOnce or twice a week, this is what my kitchen looks like. Say hello to my hot mess! With a goal of us getting our house on the market to sell, this is something we cannot be doing! What if someone calls and wants to see our house? They certainly wouldn’t appreciate seeing our entire collection of dishes all sprawled out along the counters. I know I wouldn’t! And, let’s not forget the dirty, paint-chipping cabinets. Yea– it’s time to paint those puppies.

We will save the painting for another blog post. I promise. ­čÖé

So, how do I, a person prepping her house to sell, keep my kitchen looking fabulous all the time? How do you, a person who just needs some sanity from an always-messy kitchen, keep your space looking great? Here’s what I’ve learned over my time spent getting to know this whole organization/purging/selling my house process. I hope it helps you to keep the busiest area in your house clean and pristine!

Tips for Keeping a Clean Kitchen #PalmoliveMultiSurface #adTip #1: Do Dishes Daily!

One thing I learned a long time ago (That I am honestly not that good at but since we are selling our house I am forcing myself to be) is to empty your dishwasher every morning, fill it up as you go during the day and then run it at night before you go to bed. That way you never have dishes in the sink.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, try to make it a habit to wash and dry dishes after every meal. Or at least at the end of every day.

Soap-PalmoliveMultiSurface-ad.jpg”>Palmolive MultiSurface Dish Soap #PalmoliveMultiSurface #adI use Palmolive┬« Multi Surface Dish Soap to hand wash any dishes I have left over after filling the dishwasher (like pots and pans). I love that it is anti-bacterial and it cuts through the grease so well!

Palmolive MultiSurface Dishsoap #PalmoliveMultiSurface #ad

And to make my life even easier, I can just use the soapy dish water as a solution to clean my kitchen countertops and surfaces!

Soap-Clean-Kitchen-PalmoliveMultiSurface-ad.jpg”>Palmolive Dish Soap Clean Kitchen #PalmoliveMultiSurface #adThis brings me to Tip #2: Do a regular wipe down of all kitchen surfaces.

Besides wiping down the countertops, table and stovetop daily, this is not something I do on a regular basis. Since working on selling our home, this is something I am trying to get into the habit of doing. I think wiping down cabinets, baseboards, windows, etc, once a week is perfect for keeping dust and dirt

clean kitchen counters #PalmoliveMultiSurface #ad

I was able to wipe down all my countertops, all my cabinets, my kitchen table and I even got down and wiped down the baseboards with the leftover Palmolive® Multi Surface soap water. It cut through the dirt and grease and they all look so much better!

Tip #3: If you’re walking through, pick it up!

Something I have made a habit of doing through my entire house is to pick up as I go. If I am walking through the kitchen and something is out of place, I pick it up and put it away. I have children and a husband who constantly leave toys, trash, sitting on the table and counter. If I or the kids are in the room I tell them to pick it up and put it away. Every time. I don’t need to be the only one cleaning around here, right? ­čÖé

Soap-Clean-Kitchen-PalmoliveMultiSurface-ad.jpg”>Palmolive Dish Soap Clean Kitchen #PalmoliveMultiSurface #ad

Tip #4: Clean as you go.

If you’re creating a recipe or doing a project in the kitchen, clean up as you go. After each step, put away your spices and tools as you finish using them. Also, fill a sink of hot water and Palmolive┬« Multi Surface soap, throw a rag in and wipe down the countertops and surfaces as you go. That way you don’t have a huge mess at the end and you won’t feel so overwhelmed!

Tip #5: Sweep & Mop Daily.

To keep the gross-ness at bay, sweep after every meal and do a quick mop at the end of every day. Again, another thing I am trying to make a habit out of. We have all hardwood floors and that can be a challenge for me. But doing this every day helps tremendously!

If you haven’t given the new Palmolive┬« Multi Surface a try, you must! You can pick it up at Walmart in the aisle with all the other dish soaps. It really is a product that helps keep life a little less hectic!

Tell me, what tips do yo have to keep your kitchen looking grand? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you like these tips, be sure to check out my tips for selling a home and my chore chart printable!

Hey! Meet Vanessa

A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!


A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!

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  1. Great tips! I’ll have to try that dish soap – I love that it is antibacterial and can be used for counters and surfaces, too!

  2. Samantha K says:

    These are great tips! Having a product that can be used for both the dishes and surfaces seems like a time saver!!! #client

  3. The tips are great! I have never used this Palmolive Multi Surface Dish soap but it seems really nice! I would love to try it! Thanks for the post! I love it! Greets, đ×ne đ×ff Cleaning London Ltd.

  4. My kitchen definitely is the most high traffic area in the house! It is constantly a mess in my kitchen and I basically have to clean here every day in order to keep it clean and nice! I didn’t know about the Palmolive Multi surface cleaner so I am really interested to try it! It seems to be rally effective! Thanks for sharing! Greetings!

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