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Summer Time with Fruit Shoot!

What kind of activities are you doing this Summer? This is what we will be doing VERY soon:

POOL TIME! We live within walking distance of our pool and my kiddos are so excited that it’s finally open for Summer! They have been begging me to go, and we will soon, I promise!

We always go right when the pool opens and stay through lunch. We of course always pack lunch, complete with fun refreshments. The pool’s refreshment stand can become really expensive, especially if you visit daily, so we try to pack all food, snacks AND drinks.. because being in the sun can make you pretty thirsty!

My husband picked up some Fruit Shoot this week at our local Walmart to stock us up for a while, and these will be a special treat for the kids, specifically for the pool!

I love the bottles these juices come in and that the spout closes shut while in use. This makes for less spills and the bottle is more steady when sitting upright on a flat surface. Plus, the bottle is pretty durable, and they don’t have to sit down and drink their juice carefully like a juice pouch. These bottles are made for a more active life style… which is exactly what we will be having this Summer!

The kids have loved all the flavors they’ve tried so far, even the new Fruit Punch flavor. I love that it’s 100% juice with no added sugar. Do you see all the winning going on? Woohoo!

When I wrote about Fruit Shoot being our go-to drink of the Summer, I wasn’t kidding! The kiddos will be enjoying it all pool season-long. They will be burning a lot of energy swimming and running around, so I don’t mind a special drink along with staying hydrated via water too. Summer is a time to enjoy, be free and let loose a bit. We will definitely be doing all three!


Fruit Shoot has been a trusted brand for a long time, especially in the UK (over 50 years to be exact)! If you want to find out more about Fruit Shoot and where to find it, be sure to check out their website.


Hey! Meet Vanessa

A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!


A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!

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