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I’m sick of wasting vegetables! My solution to longer-lasting produce

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Rubbermaid®.

Have you seen that meme floating around social media with a drawing of rotten produce at the bottom of the crisper drawers that says, “Where good intentions go to die.”? I laugh uncontrollably every time I see it because I can SO RELATE. I am sure most of you can too.

I always have grand plans to cook delicious whole food meals for my family every day of the week. I buy yummy fruits and veggies for my kids and myself to have for a snack. I buy huge bins of organic spinach to put in salads, smoothies and to freeze for future smoothies. I promise, each and every piece of produce I put in my refrigerator has a plan. But of course, plans change, and said produce dies very quickly.

UNTIL I came across the opportunity to review these Rubbermaid® FreshWorks rel=”nofollow” containers, offered now in three NEW sizes! I received these 3 different sizes, and in true Rubbermaid® fashion, they are such good quality! No flimsy plastics or lids. Seriously, I am super impressed with them!

These containers are tall and they hold A LOT! The biggest container (Large Square) held most of my spinach. I bought a huge container, so I just froze the rest of them in baggies. Perfectly portioned for smoothies! This container will be great to have on hand for salads and breakfast. I like to put some spinach in a pan with some scrambled eggs and chicken sausage. yum!

It is recommended to NOT wash and cut your produce before putting them in the containers, which I wasn’t too thrilled about because I was afraid I couldn’t fit the whole peppers in one of the containers. I thought the lid would make it not fit, but I was wrong! The lid is dome-shaped, so there was plenty of room to put at least 3 peppers in the long rectangular container.

The small rectangular container was perfect for one small bushel of mushrooms. Once again, the lid came in handy for the mushrooms that sat above the top of the bottom piece. I really think that’s my favorite part about these containers, besides the fact they keep food up to 80% more fresh* than traditional produce packaging. And that just means more money in my pocket, because my produce isn’t going straight from the fridge to the trash anymore!

I am so excited to keep using these containers! I am even more excited that I get to give away a set to you guys! So, be sure to enter below. Whoever wins, be sure to let me know how you like them! I think they are the bee’s knees. 🙂

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Available now in six sizes to hold all types of produce:

  • Lare Square (11.1 Cups): Perfect for Tomatoes
  • Long Rectangle (8.4 Cups): Great for asparagus or zucchini
  • Small Rectangle (4.0 Cups): Will keep your green beans fresh.
  • Small (2.5 Cups): Ideal for small berries.
  • Medium (6.3 Cups): Perfect for strawberries.
  • Large (17.3 Cups): Optimal for leafy greens.

*Based on strawberries in FreshWorks™ containers vs. store packaging. Results may vary depending upon produce and use.

Hey! Meet Vanessa

A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!


A foodie, crafty, homeschooling mom of 3, who loves her Happy Planner and all things Mid Century Modern!

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  1. Well everything spoils so fast it would be so hard to pick one thing,, would so love these.

  2. Connie Hall says:

    I waste a lot of lettuce.

  3. elicia p says:

    berries. They seem to mold and also my lettuce,.

  4. We are sick of spinach and grapes and strawberries spoiling too quickly, this would help a lot.

  5. We keep all kinds of vegetables in the fridge my son loves them thank god! But what spoils the fastest is carrots for some reason?

  6. Kayley says:

    Strawberries spoil quickly, and because they’re usually a treat, I’d like for them to last a bit longer.

  7. Hollie Jahnke says:

    Our strawberries always spoil so fast.

  8. Jillian Too says:

    I’d love to use this for strawberries. Berries and leafy greens spoil most quickly for us.

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