Giving to CARE this Christmas in lieu of gifts to help others in need!

This is the 2nd year that I have done a sponsored post for CARE and their amazing program that gives 90% of donations to others in need.


This year, CARE is introducing to all of us on Facebook, some of the amazing women who we will be helping with our donations. The young lady in the photo above is Evelesi and she is 11. She dreams of becoming a nurse some day, and the gifts she has received from CARE is helping her achieve that dream!

This year, instead of getting gifts for my brother’s family, we are going to donate that money to CARE to help these lovely people in need. I love this organization because they have giving options for all budgets. Our budget is not really big this year, so we will most likely be donating a 3-month emergency water supply. This donation will give one person clean, healthy drinking water for 3 whole months when an emergency arises. This amenity that so many of us take for granted, will help someone so much. read more

Jennie-O Oven Ready Cajun Style Turkey – Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Who here is completely terrified about cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? (Raises hand high) This Oven Ready Cajun Style Turkey, sponsored by Jennie-O has really relieved that terror for me, and I am thankful. But first, I want to explain why I am terrified. 


For most of us, we know we will be making food at Thanksgiving for a group of people or a large crowd. In the United States, Thanksgiving is all about gathering around a big table of people and food and sharing what we’re thankful for while eating delicious dishes. read more

Fruit Shoot® and Pizza Hut partner to help support Literacy!

This cause to support literacy at Pizza Hut is sponsored by Fruit Shoot®, but all thoughts are my own!


Friday night the fam and I adventured to Pizza Hut for an evening of food, fun and bonding! My kids are getting to the age where we can all sit down in a restaurant and enjoy each other’s company.. so when I told them we were venturing out to Pizza Hut to help support literacy, they were pumped!


As homeschoolers, we’ve been doing the Book It! program this year with Pizza Hut, which is a great incentive for early readers. I love this added element of literacy support that they’re doing with Fruit Shoot, so we wanted to make sure we supported it as well! read more

“Fall” in Love with Babbleboxx!

Fall is in full swing, ya’ll and I am excited! This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media, and this month, it is chock full of food items that are inspired by the Fall season.


I received this Babbleboxx as a way to let you all know of some amazing brands and promotions each brand has going on. All of the items I received are inspired by Fall, and I want to tell you all about the goodies I received, how they will benefit my family and how they can benefit you this Fall season! read more

Yoplait Go Big for my Getting Big Tween!

This Yoplait Go Big yogurt post is sponsored by Yoplait Go Big. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


This year is such a precious year for me because after over 4 years, I have my oldest back under my roof, full time, along with my younger two kiddos. After a lot of tears and stress, after a lot of anxiety and upset stomachs from the pressures of public school, my daughter is now at home, able to learn at her pace and her level. I do not take this time for granted, and I am SO EXCITED to help her learn and see her grow into a beautiful young woman. read more