Goldfish Counting Game Free Printable

Now that I am homeschooling the children, I am always looking for fun games and ways to teach my littles their basic preschool information. I have found that teaching them numbers, letters, etc., is best done through playing lots and lots of games. I came up with this fun counting game and free Goldfish Counting Game printable that not only promotes learning, but family time as well!


This is a great activity for those days of being cooped up due to rain, snow, or other issues with the great outdoors. This is also a fun thing for the kids to do while they’re having their snack! This could mean that the learning never stops in your household! read more

Love Is…..Valentine’s Day FREE Printable!

Hi everyone! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I KNOW this is coming a tad bit too late, but I created this love Valentine’s Day printable last year and completely forgot about it until now! I really love this and wanted to share it with you. Feel free to print it, throw it in a frame and gift it someone you care about this weekend, or set it up on your fireplace mantel.

Just click on the image and print from there! Easy peasy!

Free Valentine’s Day Printable:

free valentine's printable

Then, when you do what you do with it, send me your pictures! I would love to see your creative ideas of what you did to show God’s love to others. read more

tips for a consistenly clean home

5 Tips for a Consistently Clean Home!

Now, before I share my tips for a consistently clean home, I must be up front and say that I don’t always do these! My house isn’t always picked up and my floors aren’t always shiny. The rug in my den sheds worse than a dog, my children leave toys EVERYWHERE, and there are approximately 300 baskets of dirty clothes in my laundry room. I just want to share these tips because not only do they work when they’re in play, but they are an encouragement to me. I of course what them to be an encouragement to you too! read more

“Veggie Island” Snack Encourager and a FREE Printable!

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Raise your virtual hands if it is hard for you to get your kiddos to eat their veggies. I know you can’t see me but my hands are raised high to the ceiling! I know it’s not always fun to make sure your kids get the recommended veggies they need, but I always know if I put a little fun into their eating, they will eat more!

veggie snack encouragement

I made these fun “veggie island” snack encouragement plates for my girls and they absolutely loved them! I found that if you make things you want your kids to eat into shapes and beings, they will definitely be more interested in eating because it’s more of a game than a chore! read more

Kid Friendly Easter Ideas Using Snack Packs and Mix-ins {FREE Printable & Coupon}!

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The holidays are always great times to plan fun snacks with the kids. With my girls, they just think it’s magic when their momma makes fun, whimsical snacks for them. The holidays this year are no different than year’s past. Let me show you how!

Idiy easter treat bags #snackpackmixins #ad

This Easter, I created these fun treats using Snack Packs ¬†(coupon), HoneyMaid Graham Crackers and some other fun Easter-type items. One can especially be used if you’re having an Easter get together with friends or family. It’s a fun little snack for the kiddos that will keep them busy and creating. Love it! read more