duct tape gum pouch

Duct Tape Hanging Gum Pouch

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Gum— one of the necessities in life. If I do not have gum nearby at all times, that is a major precursor for disaster. Seriously. Gum keeps me fresh when I need it and it helps me focus throughout the day. I try to make it a habit to always have it with me, because I certainly miss it when I don’t! So, to help with this, I made a duct tape hanging gum pouch that will allow me to keep it hooked with me wherever I go!

Duct Tape Gum Pouch Extra Gum

Wrigley’s Extra® now has these new 35-stick packs that come in a recycled plastic container. They’re amazing! They’re super durable too. No more ripped up gum packages in my posesssion anymore, whoop whoop! read more

Easy and Frugal Football Party Tips {Walking Salad Tray}

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My husband has been really involved in sports watching this year, and more than any other year I have ever known him. It’s like a professional football player came to him in the middle of the night and bit him in the butt and gave him some kind of football fever. Seriously! We moved right after the season started to a bigger home, so I knew he would want to entertain friends and family, especially during the Big Game once it came around. Well, the time is almost here, so for me, that means it’s time to plan the food menu! What are some great ideas and recipes for a football party, you ask? Well, let me show you some frugal and easy tips! read more

OREO Cookie Ball Pops Bouquet

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Tis the season for making sweet goodies and gift giving! All three of my kids are in school, which means it’s time to start planning for gifts for teachers and staff. I always love taking the time to make sweet goodies to gift out or for a party. I have loved OREO cookie balls for a long time now, so I wanted to make some with a few twists!

Oreo Ball Pops

I made these OREO cookie ball pops, and turned them into a bouquet to wrap up for some of my kids’ teachers! I also made mint chocolate OREO cookie balls and almond vanilla OREO cookie balls. Keep reading with how to make these flavors and learn how to turn them into cookie ball pops! read more

tips for a consistenly clean home

5 Tips for a Consistently Clean Home!

Now, before I share my tips for a consistently clean home, I must be up front and say that I don’t always do these! My house isn’t always picked up and my floors aren’t always shiny. The rug in my den sheds worse than a dog, my children leave toys EVERYWHERE, and there are approximately 300 baskets of dirty clothes in my laundry room. I just want to share these tips because not only do they work when they’re in play, but they are an encouragement to me. I of course what them to be an encouragement to you too! read more

{Make Bake Create #1} 10 Thanksgiving Ideas and Recipes!

Hey everyone! The Make, Bake, Create Linky Party is BAAAAACK!!!! Woohoo! I have missed you all so much, that I just had to start this fun link party back up again.


I am so happy to be participating in this again– you have no idea! I have missed the sense of community that comes along with these little parties. It’s just a lot of fun to read and meet other bloggers out in the blogosphere and see what everyone is up to!

This party will work just the same as it did before, but this time, our party will start on SUNDAYS! I know this week started on Monday, but that’s because I got a late start. MBC #2 will start on Sunday at 6 pm CST and it will continue on that way until the rest of eternity. read more