5 FREE After School Family Activities

Summer is about 2/3 of the way through– can you believe it? For us homeschooling family, it’s actually about through completely, as my plan for our upcoming school year will be August 1st. Woo! Just around the corner. This summer has just flown by and now that my youngest is at an age where we can go out and do more things, we have filled our time with a lot of Summer-esque activities. Our focus will soon shift to back-to-school things, and with that, we can’t take away from those family activities that hold us close as a family. So, I have come up with 5 FREE activities we can do as a family during our back-to-school months! read more

My OREO Flavor Creation– what’s yours?

OREO cookies. An iconic household name for most families, wouldn’t you agree? As of late, there have been a ton of new flavors put out there to try, and that is so fun! If you were to have any flavor of OREO in the world…what would it be?

For me, if I were to create my very own OREO flavor, it would have to do with coffee. Coffee is what keeps me going every day. I love the aroma, the taste, the look of coffee. I even make my own lattes at home. So, if I were to create my very own OREO flavor, it would have to be…….
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Orange Lemonade Twist Recipe #GrabGoWow

This post is sponsored by Kraft-Heinz

The Fourth of July is just around the corner! Are you all excited? My kiddos are excited to celebrate with friends, splash around a little bit at our neighborhood pool and eat and drink lots of goodies.

I of course always love a good punch when we are gathered in celebration, but with the busy-ness of the day, I need something quick, easy, yet delicious. That’s where GrabGoWow really comes in handy!

Have you ever heard of #GrabGoWow? It’s a partnership between Walmart and Kraft-Heinz (see Recipe Handout) that helps give us tasty recipe ideas with little effort in a short amount of time. These particular recipes that we are focusing on are ones designed for this amazing July 4th holiday. All the ingredients offered in this particular promotion are all designed to make meal planning and party prep so much easier. Plus, we all know how affordable Walmart is, so being able to find the things you need quickly and affordably is a big plus in my book! read more

Summer Time with Fruit Shoot!

What kind of activities are you doing this Summer? This is what we will be doing VERY soon:

POOL TIME! We live within walking distance of our pool and my kiddos are so excited that it’s finally open for Summer! They have been begging me to go, and we will soon, I promise!

We always go right when the pool opens and stay through lunch. We of course always pack lunch, complete with fun refreshments. The pool’s refreshment stand can become really expensive, especially if you visit daily, so we try to pack all food, snacks AND drinks.. because being in the sun can make you pretty thirsty! read more

Patriotic & S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

What are your Summer traditions? For us, we spend the majority of our Summer at the pool. We also really enjoy cooling down after spending those fun days in the sun. Our local pool has a snack stand, but if we constantly buy from there, that can add up quick! So, I just promise the kiddos a cool treat when we get home– ice cream sandwiches! It works out both for my wallet and keeps them cool and happy too!

I came up with two really fun and easy recipes incorporating Hiland Dairy ice cream. Both are Summer-inspired and so delicious! read more