Jennie-O Oven Ready Cajun Style Turkey – Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Who here is completely terrified about cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? (Raises hand high) This Oven Ready Cajun Style Turkey, sponsored by Jennie-O has really relieved that terror for me, and I am thankful. But first, I want to explain why I am terrified. 


For most of us, we know we will be making food at Thanksgiving for a group of people or a large crowd. In the United States, Thanksgiving is all about gathering around a big table of people and food and sharing what we’re thankful for while eating delicious dishes. read more

Fruit Shoot® and Pizza Hut partner to help support Literacy!

This cause to support literacy at Pizza Hut is sponsored by Fruit Shoot®, but all thoughts are my own!


Friday night the fam and I adventured to Pizza Hut for an evening of food, fun and bonding! My kids are getting to the age where we can all sit down in a restaurant and enjoy each other’s company.. so when I told them we were venturing out to Pizza Hut to help support literacy, they were pumped!


As homeschoolers, we’ve been doing the Book It! program this year with Pizza Hut, which is a great incentive for early readers. I love this added element of literacy support that they’re doing with Fruit Shoot, so we wanted to make sure we supported it as well! read more

Easy Croutons Recipe & a $25 value Giveaway!

This easy homemade crouton recipe is sponsored by Good Natured Soups from Progresso™. All thoughts are my own!
Do you ever let bread go bad? In just a few days do you find your precious loaf of bread dry and sometimes moldy? Do let that bread go to waste– as long as it isn’t moldy, use that day-old bread for amazing and delicious croutons, perfect for salads and soups, like the new  Good Natured Soups!
Make an entire pan of croutons for just 6 slices of bread, a little butter and 3 different types of seasonings. Pop it in the oven at 300 for 20 minutes and the best garnish for your Good Natured Soups and other soups of your liking is all ready. Easy!

See? Nothing to it! They go great with the Good Natured Hearty Tomato Soup. That’s what we had tonight for dinner!
The Good Natured Soups come in three flavors, all three of which are vegetarian soups. There are 3/4 cup of veggies per serving of soup, and there are no preservatives, food dyes or GMO ingredients. Just simple, delicious and healthy soups, perfect for the cool Fall weather!
I want to give you guys the opportunity to win a Progresso™ Prize pack filled with $25 worth of goodies so you can give these awesome soups a try! read more

Crockpot Philly Chicken Recipe & Reynolds Heat & Eat Containers

Crockpot meals are my favorite because they are simple and easy to throw together. It’s especially nice to be able to throw a meal together the day before and divide them up for lunches for my husband and myself. My husband works through lunch most days, so he has to take his lunch with him. This is the perfect recipe to make ahead and divide up for several meals!


You can serve this over rice, in a toasted bun or as is for a low-carb meal.


Take 3-4 chicken breasts and place them in a crockpot. Slice green peppers and onions thinly and throw them on top. Shake salt and pepper on top and place on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8. read more

Dulce de Leche Rice Cereal

When I was a kid, my dad would always use the leftover rice from dinner the night before and turn it into a delicious breakfast! I know that may seem so weird to you, but it was a cheap and yummy way to have breakfast and not waste food. I decided to put a little spin on his creation and make this easy Dulce de Leche Rice Cereal using La Lechera Dulce de Leche!


All you do for this recipe put leftover rice in a bowl, heat up some milk and pour it over. Top it with Dulce de Leche and a little bit of butter and yum– breakfast is served! read more