Taco Bueno’s Wholotta Box & a $25 Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Taco Bueno. All thoughts & opinions are my own!

You guys….. have you seen this yet? The $10 Wholotta Box from Taco Bueno is AMAZING! If you eat at Bueno, you know how fantastic and affordable their food is… and this just made them even more fantastic!

Basically, you can feed a small army with just this box for only ten buckaroos.. Yep. TEN BUCKS. Insane right? We had this just last week and we had enough to feed all five of us with leftovers! It comes with 12 party tacos (or party burritos or half & half), two sides of their yummy beans, two sides of rice, chips and their in-house red sauce. DELISH! It’s an entire meal in a single box.. and it is fantastic! read more

Easy Croutons Recipe & a $25 value Giveaway!

This easy homemade crouton recipe is sponsored by Good Natured Soups from Progresso™. All thoughts are my own!
Do you ever let bread go bad? In just a few days do you find your precious loaf of bread dry and sometimes moldy? Do let that bread go to waste– as long as it isn’t moldy, use that day-old bread for amazing and delicious croutons, perfect for salads and soups, like the new  Good Natured Soups!
Make an entire pan of croutons for just 6 slices of bread, a little butter and 3 different types of seasonings. Pop it in the oven at 300 for 20 minutes and the best garnish for your Good Natured Soups and other soups of your liking is all ready. Easy!

See? Nothing to it! They go great with the Good Natured Hearty Tomato Soup. That’s what we had tonight for dinner!
The Good Natured Soups come in three flavors, all three of which are vegetarian soups. There are 3/4 cup of veggies per serving of soup, and there are no preservatives, food dyes or GMO ingredients. Just simple, delicious and healthy soups, perfect for the cool Fall weather!
I want to give you guys the opportunity to win a Progresso™ Prize pack filled with $25 worth of goodies so you can give these awesome soups a try! read more

DIY Duck (Duct) Tape Speakers & a Giveaway!

DIY and crafts are two of my favorite things… and the main reason I started this blog. When I was asked to work with Duck Tape once again, I was excited! This craft was inspired by the the Star Wars- themed Duck tape that I found at my local craft store. These DIY Duck (Duct) Tape Speakers were so easy and I love that this craft looks like it could be a flight prop on the set of the Star Wars movies!

duck tape speakers diy

This duck tape craft was made using the following:

-Duck Tape (duh. ;))

-Empty paper towel roll read more

nature made vitamins

Tips for a Healthier Me (And You!) & A QUICK Giveaway!

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

Well, my New Year’s Resolution of becoming healthier had to start early, because I got really sick. Like, really, really sick.

nature made vitamins Right before Christmas, a lightbulb turned on in my head, and I realized my diet of fast food had been making me so sick for the past 2 or so years. From the day that lightbulb went off, I new some things had to change in my life or I would be living a short one. read more