Velveeta Cheese Sticks & Bites #VelveetaRecipes #shop #cbias

Disclosure CBiasWhen I was asked to take on the challenge to come up with a new recipe made with Velveeta that was NOT a dip and was NOT Mac & Cheese, I was pumped! There are so many creative things you can make with Velveeta, and I was excited to be a part of this fun Liquid Gold adventure!

The first thing that came to mind when creating a recipe was cheese sticks. I have never eaten nor heard of any cheese stick made out of Velveeta in the course of history, so I wanted to create some using this iconic Liquid Gold. 😉 read more

Oven Roasted Vegetables with Smoked Sausage

Earlier this week I visited a new grocery store in our town called Sprouts. It’s an awesome Farmer’s Market-inspired store that has incredible prices!

When I went, I stocked up on a ton of vegetables. Last night, I realized that since they are organic and super fresh, they were starting to look a little sad and needed to be used up pretty quickly.

Instead of panicking, so I came up with this super easy recipe that incorporated all those veggies and some smoked sausage that I found the freezer. read more

Slow Cooker Philly Cheese & Chicken Sandwiches

The other day I found this delicious recipe on Pinterest from Food Family Finds  and I just HAD to make it for the family. We are big chicken eaters (mainly because it’s cheaper than beef), so when I saw this recipe, my mouth started to water.

This was a big hit– mainly because my husband stuffed himself full. He really liked it! And that my friends is the clue of food success.

So, here is the way I made it. I altered the original just a tad because of lack of ingredients, but it still turned out really, really good! read more

Taco Salad with Doritos

The following recipe is one of my favorite recipes EVER! My mom made this recipe all the time when I was growing up and my brother and I absolutely love it. When I serve it to people outside my immediate family, they are intrigued and perplexed by the fact that we use Doritos in our recipe.  Trust me, it really works! It’s delicious!

So, check out our family favorite and enjoy! I know you won’t be disappointed. 🙂