Mother’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Fabric Bookmarks!

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. YAY! Sadly, I did not realize this until yesterday. Fail.

Thankfully, I have a sewing machine, a ton of fabric, and an imagination.  So, I came up with these fabulous bookmarks for mi madre.

IMG_20130508_101436_522My mom loves to read, so I know this will be a perfect gift for her.  Although, I do tend to laugh at the genre of books she reads.

I won’t tell you what they are because I might embarrass her.  And then she might throw my bookmarks that I toiled over in the trash. read more

{Reversible} Car Seat Strap Covers

Since my second daughter was born, I’ve been meaning to make this project. She just turned four months and I just now completed it.

Can we say procrastinator?

Anyway, I got fed up with the car seat strap rubbing against her neck, so I whipped these together real quick and I must say that I am super pleased with the outcome!

These Reversible Car Seat Straps were a breeze to make and I am going to show you how to do it.

But before I begin I just want to mention that this is a great way to use some of that left over fabric you have laying around. This would be great to use for yourself or to give as a baby gift. read more

{What is it?} Wednesday + Link Up

This week’s {What is it?} Wednesday project has something to do with the below video:

Ahhh… Oklahoma. My home state. Living here has inspired me and I am going to sew up something great for you.

I know this is a broad hint, but why don’t you go ahead and take a stab at what I am going to make anyway?

While you’re at it, link up your projects below and you may just be the lucky person featured on Monday!

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