Keeping my baby safe with the Levana Ayden Video Baby Monitor + a Giveaway!

Having 3 kids, sometimes I wish I could bubble wrap everything to keep them safe. The house they live in, the ground they walk on, each other– yea, I admit it, I am one of those helicopter parents. My middle girl likes to be a little rough with her little brother, so I am constantly having to run into the next room to make sure she’s not pushing him or riding him like a horse (it’s happened, trust me!).

Even though my son isn’t walking yet at 14 months, he is quite the little daredevil– climbing on furniture and cruising along the walls.. I’ve had visions of him climbing out of his crib during naptimes, so I incessantly check on him throughout that 3 hour chunk of time to make sure he is safe. It’s quite interrupting to do so since I try to work during those times, plus I don’t want to wake him by the creaky door opening to his room, so something just has to give! read more