{Lighter Version} Zuppa Toscana Copy Cat from the Olive Garden

You guys. I LOVE the Olive Garden. I could and would eat just about anything on their menu, and their soup is no exception. Since I don’t have a tree growing money in my back yard, nor do I have a lavish food budget where I could eat Olive Garden every night of the week, I guess my only option is to enjoy the OG on occasion and make their yummy recipes at home. And that’s what I did. Behold– Zuppa Toscana Copy Cat from the Olive Garden– the Lighter Version.. OH YEA.

light version zuppa toscana

This recipe is amazing. In fact, my husband hoarded all the leftovers and wouldn’t let me have another taste. When he steals all the leftovers, well, that means success around here. And what I also really love about this recipe is that I got EVERY SINGLE ingredient from Aldi. Aldi is the bomb and I save so much money there when I am not using coupons at other places. This recipe cost me under $10 to make for my entire family, plus leftovers! And for a special meal, I would call that success! read more