DIY Duck (Duct) Tape Speakers & a Giveaway!

DIY and crafts are two of my favorite things… and the main reason I started this blog. When I was asked to work with Duck Tape once again, I was excited! This craft was inspired by the the Star Wars- themed Duck tape that I found at my local craft store. These DIY Duck (Duct) Tape Speakers were so easy and I love that this craft looks like it could be a flight prop on the set of the Star Wars movies!

duck tape speakers diy

This duck tape craft was made using the following:

-Duck Tape (duh. ;))

-Empty paper towel roll read more

duct tape gum pouch

Duct Tape Hanging Gum Pouch

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Gum— one of the necessities in life. If I do not have gum nearby at all times, that is a major precursor for disaster. Seriously. Gum keeps me fresh when I need it and it helps me focus throughout the day. I try to make it a habit to always have it with me, because I certainly miss it when I don’t! So, to help with this, I made a duct tape hanging gum pouch that will allow me to keep it hooked with me wherever I go!

Duct Tape Gum Pouch Extra Gum

Wrigley’s Extra® now has these new 35-stick packs that come in a recycled plastic container. They’re amazing! They’re super durable too. No more ripped up gum packages in my posesssion anymore, whoop whoop! read more

Easy Popcorn Craft: Paperclip Bookmarks

Popcorn is not only a delicious thing to eat, it is also a fun food to play with! Today, I made some fun little paperclip bookmarks using Pop Secret popcorn, some paperclips and some sparkly sticker foam. Fun!

paperclip bookmark

The crafts and tutorials I post here on the blog I try to make as easy as possibly. Mainly because I want my kiddos to help if they can, and really, that’s all the time I have. If something is too complicated, I tend to pass over it. That goes with all aspects of my life. Call me lazy, or call me efficient… all I know is that ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉 read more

No Sew Napkins & An easy dinner idea when you’re busy!

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Guess what, y’all! We sold our house about 2 weeks ago!! Woohoo!

Sale pending girls

It has been quite the long week, with lots of packing, cleaning, purging, and all the stuff that goes along with buying a house too. boxes moving sell house

Here’s what one corner of my kitchen looks like right now. Boxes. Yay!

moving boxes

And here are some boxes piled up under the bar in my kitchen. My goal has been to pack at least a box a day until it’s time to move out– and it’s working quite well! But with that, it’s been pure craziness around here. Since I have been super busy with all of that, it’s been hard to keep up with cooking full blown meals every single night. Some nights, when we are super busy packing and such, it’s nice to be able to grab an easy meal that’s cooked for me. Can I get an Amen? read more

Baby Girl Gift Ideas & No-Sew Pacifier Clip Tutorial

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Recently, one of my friend’s just had her first girl after having 2 boys! I was super excited for her and knew she would have a blast having a precious little girl. I always love making stuff for my friends and family who have babies. There’s just something about giving them something you made with love that they can enjoy, and is practical too! I usually make burp cloths but this time around I wanted to make something no-sew, and something that would go great with the Disney Baby items I picked up for her at Walmart. This baby gift idea is pretty simple to make.. and the best thing is that you don’t have to have a sewing machine to do it! Woot! read more