[ad] Easy & Quick Meal Idea: Quesadillas

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This summer has been super crazy so far and June has flown by! My life has been a whirlwind of house cleaning, house staging and house selling; house looking, house hunting and house finding. Between working on this here blog and my other side jobs, making sure the house is cleaned at a moment’s notice and taking care of my family and kiddos, that really doesn’t leave enough time for dinner. Most times I look up at the clock and it’s 5 pm and nothing has been started for dinner. That then leads to eating out or PB&J sandwiches, which is not the thing I want to be eating every single night of the week! So, in light of all of the above, I have been on the hunt for easy, quick meals that I can throw together and that give my family tasty and more nutritious food than what comes out of a drive thru. read more

4th of July Foods: Mac ‘n Cheese Cupcakes & Fried Chicken


The 4th of July is just around the corner and I am SO excited! For the past few years we have been celebrating the anniversary of our freedom with a few friends at our home. Low key, yet fun is what we like, and this year will be no different! We are just going to let the kids play outside, enjoy some sprinklers and sparklers, eat delicious food and hang out. This year my plan is to pick up some fried chicken at the Walmart deli and make these mac ‘n cheese cupcakes that are super simple to make, and easy to feed a crowd! No mess, no fuss! read more