Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe using Campbell’s Soups for Easy Cooking

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Easy Beef Stroganoff #WeekNightHero #ad

Beef stroganoff is one of my all-time favorite meals. My mom used to make it for us on big holidays or weekends where we could all sit down for a family and enjoy an elaborate meal together. It’s a comfort food that she would make for most of my birthdays or special occasions. I have always loved this recipe and love to make it for my family, but because of the busy life I lead with three kiddos, times for elaborate meals, especially during the week, aren’t in the cards for us! My life right now is all about easy meals. Between activities, chasing kiddos around and working in the evenings on this here little blog, I need something that is not fast food (Lord knows I do NOT need that right now) that I can just throw together and that’s not going to make a big mess in my kitchen nor take long to cook. I think I found that with this recipe right here! read more