5 ways to succeed as a boy mom

Two years ago, I became a boy mom. For me, being given this title was super scary. I had two girls, I knew how to handle them– I was good with what I had! When my boy came along, he rocked my world! He has taught me so much about being a boy mom, both the challenges and the blessings. Now that I have my boy, I would not trade him for anything. He completes my beautiful family and is part of my formula for happiness!

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5 Ways to Succeed as a Boy Mom

  1. Be prepared for total destruction. Prepare yourself, your home, your things, to keep them from destruction. If you don’t child proof cabinets, door knobs, windows, or bathrooms, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. That tornado called “Boy” will be cycling his way around your things and they will become rubble in no time. Trust me, I know from experience.
  2. Keep that Boy Busy! Make a schedule and stick to it. Even though all my kids enjoy routine, I have noticed my son thrives on it. When he’s at home and not busy with things throughout the day, he becomes mischievous and gets into everything. Google ideas for boys to keep them busy and use them. My boy loves to color, play with cars and boxes, and he loves dress up. Keeping his imagination going gives him a great distraction from getting into things he shouldn’t be. Be sure to keep that daily routine. Your sanity will thank you!

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3. Let Him Help. Boys like to get their hands dirty. My son loves to dig in the sink and find dishes to help me load in the dishwasher. I also employ him to run things to the trash. At not even two years old, it blows me away that he can tell the difference between actual trash and things that we want to hold on to. I recently bought my son a cheap hand broom and dust pan as a “toy.” He loves helping me sweep the floors. Having him help me really feels like a game to him. With the girls, they totally see it’s a chore and don’t find as much joy in it as he does. read more

Thank you Nurses! {Plus a Giveaway}

This review was made possible by iConnect and Pampers. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions are 100% mine.    

Have you ever met a nurse who just blew you away with the care they were giving you or a loved one? Do you have a nurse that you cannot thank enough for how awesome they are? Well, I am happy to say, I have!

thank a nurse

This is Dezra. Back in 2009, I had the pleasure of being her co-worker on the post-partum floor of our local hospital. I was so impressed with how she cared for her patients. We would work together as a team to care for mamas and their new babies. She would always treat them with respect, kindness and patience. She always had a great attitude, even through the 12 hour over-night shifts on the weekends. We have remained friends since we began working together. She’s such a blessing! read more

Three Popcorn Recipes using ACT II Popcorn

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Popcorn– the food that brings everyone together. We eat it at home together, we go to the movies and devour it together, we hang out with our friends together and eat it… it’s everywhere! It is the perfect entertainment snack that my family and I love and when we see it and smell it– we want some! Whether it’s popped fresh at home or microwaved in a bag, it’s delicious.. and so versatile!

Act II Popcorn at Sam's #PopIntoSams #ad

Whenever we have a family movie or game night, popcorn is usually always involved because that’s what my girls usually always request. Sometimes, I like to spice it up a bit by adding fun flavors and items that really enhance the flavor of the popcorn– both savory and sweet. This past family hangout, I didn’t only make one popcorn recipe.. I made THREE! A recipe to suit my husband, who loves spicy and savory (he’s not much of a sweets person), a recipe to suit me (I am all about sweet, buttery and salty… yum!) and a recipe to suit my girls (fun and flavorful!). I was able to create all three recipes using the ACT II popcorn I purhased at Sam’s Club during their demo this past weekend. Plus I downloaded the Ibotta app to save $2! They offered their popcorn paired with crunched OREOS, and I liked it very much! Delish! read more

My daughter has Food dye sensitivities. Here’s what we’re doing!

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Tom's Children's Toothpaste #NaturalGoodness #adRewind my life about a year and you will see an event that changed our entire family. It all began during a family potluck lunch at our church involving my Sunday School class. My oldest daughter, Victoria, cut herself a humongous slice of this beautiful Smurf blue cake, topped with the most neon purple icing and sprinkled with awesome bright colored round sprinkles. My girl was so excited to have such a rad-looking cake to consume, and to be honest, so was I. What a treat! She snarfed that cake down in a rage of fury and never looked back. Oh. my. yum. read more