What’s In the Bible- Vol. 4- Educational Stuff for Kids!

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What's in the Bible Vol 4 Review
Moment of truth here– My 7 year old girl (pictured above), struggles with keeping her attention on certain things, especially when it comes to reading or activities as a class. She recently was evaluated at school for attention issues due to day-dreaming during class and being distracted at the smallest of things. Even at church, it’s hard for her to hold attention during certain parts of learning, so, my sister-in-law (who also is our church’s children’s minister) started playing these What’s in the Bible videos to mix things up a bit! This is how my daughter was introduced to this product– and she really loves it! She really has learned so much about the Bible.. and what a fun way to do so! read more

Don’t forget the Duracell Batteries!

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AA16pk_11052014114327I have 3 children. Those 3 children will probably be getting toys for Christmas. About 50% of said toys will most likely be needing approximately 248923840923 batteries. No lie.

Every year before Christmas it’s as important to get batteries as it is to purchase Christmas gifts because SO many require them nowadays. And, when I go shopping for batteries, I don’t skimp because I want a batter that is going to be long lasting. We all know the kiddos will play the tar out of those toys and heaven forbid you go through all the batteries before Christmas vacation is over. read more

It’s Potty Time! 5 Tips for Successful Potty Training Girls

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potty training huggies pull upsOh….. here we are again. My favorite thing to do with my kids EVER! Potty training. Well, not really. It’s probably the worst. But alas, it has to be done.

My youngest daughter is almost THREE and I was pretty sure I would have her potty trained by the time she reached 2.5. But let me tell you something– my little girl.. she is STUBBORN! She wants to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. I potty trained my oldest daughter many moons ago, so I was able to pick up some tips from that experience that I would love to share with you all and use them in potty training my youngest daughter. So…… here we go! read more

The Importance of Date Night and a Smooth Summer Face with Gillette Flex Ball Razor

New CB Disclosure 600px wideGillette Flex Ball Razor #smoothsummer #shopThe hubs and I have been together for 11 years and married for 9. Since the beginning of our relationship we have birthed 3 children and our lives have become increasingly busier with not only the needs of our children, but his full-time job and weekend side job, my blogging and my 2nd job selling pretty nail wraps. My oldest daughter is going into the second grade and my 2 year old is getting ready to start pre-school, so you can imagine how often our lives cross for us to sit down and enjoy real quality one-on-one time. Can we say “hardly ever?” Thankfully my mom has stepped up to help us out, bless her heart, and carves out time in her schedule once a week and pretty much tells us we HAVE to go on a date while she watches the kids. We definitely do not argue with that, so each week we take her up on her offer, drop the kiddos off, and head off somewhere nice to enjoy a dinner together. Each week, we do enjoy dressing up and looking nice, so I always request for my husband to have a freshy shorn face. 🙂 before this last date night, I picked up the new Gillette Flex Ball razor at Walmart as a gift for our date night. He needed a new quality razor, so I was excited to have him try it out! IMG_20140803_124104_177I picked up the Gillette Flex Ball Manual razor, since manual razors are his favorite. I didn’t want him to get razor burn so I picked him up a can of Gillette shaving cream as well. That stuff smells good, ya’ll! read more

New Huggies Stylish Baby Wipes Containers– Great for on the go and in the home!

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huggies sylish refillable wipes containersHave you seen these new stylish wipes containers Huggies just came out with? All I have to say is that wipes containers ahve come a LOOOONG way! No more plain white plastic containers that are dull and lifeless. Now you can purchase these stylish Huggies baby wipes containers and have them coordinate your home and make you oh-so-stylish when you’re on the go. And you want to know my FAVORITE thing about them? They are refillable, dude! Just grab a handfull of wipes from your bag of refillable Huggies wipes and throw them in. Yay! read more