Christmas Present Ideas with Daisy!

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gift of daisy #itsadaisy #adSome of you may or may not know that my husband’s favorite hobby is anything guns. Whether it’s studying up on guns, cleaning guns, or helping others shop for guns and gun supplies, if he is in the gun zone, he is in his happy zone! Since we have been together, he has definitely had me jump on the gun bandwagon and has taught me a thing or two about guns. I must say,  his wealth of gun knowledge has helped me to be more confident and secure in the handling and carrying of guns and I truly thank him for that!  So, now that the cat’s out of the bag and you all officially know our stance on the subject, it should come to no surprise that we want to raise our children to know that gun safety is of the utmost importance in our home. We obviously have firearms in our home and we are both trained and licensed to carry a weapon on our person at all times. We want to make sure our children know that it is not a scary thing to have a gun in our presence because they will know the rules of gun safety and how to properly handle a gun, when they are at the right age. This year, my husband and I felt that it was time for our oldest daughter to officially learn this lesson on gun safety and proper gun handling. So, we both agreed to treat her to her very first gun for Christmas.. and what better product to do that than a trip to the Bass Pro Ship to purchase her very own Daisy BB Gun! Such a great Christmas present idea! read more

Affordable Girl Time using Walgreens New Paperless Coupons!

New CB Disclosure 600px widewalgreens paperless couponsSummer is winding down and my oldest daughter is about to go back to school— second grade. Wow! I want to be able to do some things with her that will make these last few weeks memorable and fun before she is back in the classroom all day. I, of course, am always trying to find affordable ways of making memories with her, and Walgreens has made it possible with their new paperless coupons on their Walgreens app! Paperless coupons are manufacturer coupons that you can electronically “clip” right from your Walgreens mobile app and redeem in-store by them scanning your phone at checkout. No messing with scissors, wasting printer ink or carrying around a bulky coupon organizer. All your savings can be collected right on your Smart Phone when you download the Walgreens app and sync your Balance Rewards membership. Woohoo! read more