Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies

‘Tis the season for baking cookies! Since I’ve been on Christmas break with the kiddos, I have been a cookie baking fool! Peanut clusters, buckeyes, and now, peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies using Skippy! I think it’s safe to say that I have a slight peanut addiction. Yummy!

peanut butter thumbprint cookies with jelly

These delightful bite-sized cookies are crunchy on the outside from the dough being rolled in sugar before baking, full of peanut butter flavor from the peanut butter and sweet and gooey on the top from the strawberry jam spooned into the man-made heart-shaped reservoir made during the baking process. It does have that pb&j flavor and will really bring you back to childhood. Oh yea! read more

Christmas Party Popcorn Mix

Are you ready for some a delicious Christmas party food that’s easy to make and easy to serve? It’s minty, it’s chocolate-y, it’s buttery, salty and crunchy! I made this for the teachers at my younger kids’ preschool and it was a great surprise for them!

popcorn mix for parties

This popcorn mix is great, and can be spread on a Reynold’s Cookie Sheet + Parchment paper.

reynolds cookie sheets and parchment

All I had to do was make the popcorn mix in a large mixing bowl and spread it onto the Reynold’s cookie sheet. I like using these because not only does the included parchment liner keep the mix from sticking, but the pan is disposable and I did not have to worry about hunting down my favorite baking sheet when it was gone! All I needed to do was cover it and give them the mix. Easy! read more

Salted Caramel Icebox Cake {4 WW Points per Serving}


I was sponsored to write this post on behalf of Weight Watchers. #SmarterTreats #CollectiveBias

Dessert. It’s my love language. I love sweet treats, especially around the holidays! It seems like most holiday recipes include desserts and my sweets radar picks up on them every time. Even though I love holiday desserts, I know I have to be careful about that pesky weight gain that can come with it.. can I get an Amen? I definitely try to make my desserts a little lighter if I can, so I am not over-indulging. It’s easy to do, especially around the holidays! read more

7+ Party Recipe Ideas!

Needing some ideas for your party (or parties) coming up this weekend? I have put together some of my favorite recipes from the blog that are perfect for any holiday or party get together! I will list them in order from MY favorite to the least. I have tried all these recipes, made them, and approve! Feel free to make them, share them and let me know what you think!!

party recipes nessamakes

7+ Party Recipe Ideas

Taco Salad (Perfect for a large crowd) read more

4th of July Foods: Mac ‘n Cheese Cupcakes & Fried Chicken


The 4th of July is just around the corner and I am SO excited! For the past few years we have been celebrating the anniversary of our freedom with a few friends at our home. Low key, yet fun is what we like, and this year will be no different! We are just going to let the kids play outside, enjoy some sprinklers and sparklers, eat delicious food and hang out. This year my plan is to pick up some fried chicken at the Walmart deli and make these mac ‘n cheese cupcakes that are super simple to make, and easy to feed a crowd! No mess, no fuss! read more