Goldfish Counting Game Free Printable

Now that I am homeschooling the children, I am always looking for fun games and ways to teach my littles their basic preschool information. I have found that teaching them numbers, letters, etc., is best done through playing lots and lots of games. I came up with this fun counting game and free Goldfish Counting Game printable that not only promotes learning, but family time as well!


This is a great activity for those days of being cooped up due to rain, snow, or other issues with the great outdoors. This is also a fun thing for the kids to do while they’re having their snack! This could mean that the learning never stops in your household! read more

Last week I became a homeschooler

That’s right. Last week, I became a homeschooler. And it was one of the scariest things in my life to finally commit to.
3 kids homeschool

It was scary because I now have the education of my three beautiful children in the palm of my hands. My educational decisions could literally make or break them.

No pressure…no pressure at all! (*Starts biting off nails*)

It’s scary because this decision was a big leap of faith. I’ve prayed, cried, and worried over this decision for the past 5 years. Nope. it was not an easy decision for me, even though I have heard God call me to homeschooling before my oldest went to kindergarten. read more