Nesquik Hot Chocolate and Nesquik Whipped Cream

It’s so fun to see my kids pursue their hobbies and passions in their lives. It doesn’t matter what stage of life they’re in, it’s so wonderful to see them take on interests and feel like they can conquer the world! Their imaginations are amazing.. they are so smart, and they just blow me away with their unique-ness!

Victoria Nesquik drawing

My oldest child loves art. She craves any form of creating. It can be drawing, painting, cursive writing– all of those inspire and drive her to use her imagination. read more

Mint Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

When I am feeling under the weather with a cold or something upper-respiratory, I must have something warm to consume, because 9 times out of 10, I have a sore, itchy throat, and a runny nose. Since I do not like tea whatsoever, hot chocolate is my hot beverage of choice!

mint hot chocolate recipe

It’s soothing, it’s creamy, and this year, I added a minty twist to it!

Mint Hot Chocolate Mix

And, if you have some empty plastic canisters and washy tape hanging around, turn it into a Mint Hot Chocolate Mix gift for a friend or loved one who also shares their hot chocolate excitement! I’ll give you the recipe if you keep scrolling down. It’s easy peasy! read more