5 ways to succeed as a boy mom

Two years ago, I became a boy mom. For me, being given this title was super scary. I had two girls, I knew how to handle them– I was good with what I had! When my boy came along, he rocked my world! He has taught me so much about being a boy mom, both the challenges and the blessings. Now that I have my boy, I would not trade him for anything. He completes my beautiful family and is part of my formula for happiness!

Gabriel Silly

5 Ways to Succeed as a Boy Mom

  1. Be prepared for total destruction. Prepare yourself, your home, your things, to keep them from destruction. If you don’t child proof cabinets, door knobs, windows, or bathrooms, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. That tornado called “Boy” will be cycling his way around your things and they will become rubble in no time. Trust me, I know from experience.
  2. Keep that Boy Busy! Make a schedule and stick to it. Even though all my kids enjoy routine, I have noticed my son thrives on it. When he’s at home and not busy with things throughout the day, he becomes mischievous and gets into everything. Google ideas for boys to keep them busy and use them. My boy loves to color, play with cars and boxes, and he loves dress up. Keeping his imagination going gives him a great distraction from getting into things he shouldn’t be. Be sure to keep that daily routine. Your sanity will thank you!

Gabriel 3

3. Let Him Help. Boys like to get their hands dirty. My son loves to dig in the sink and find dishes to help me load in the dishwasher. I also employ him to run things to the trash. At not even two years old, it blows me away that he can tell the difference between actual trash and things that we want to hold on to. I recently bought my son a cheap hand broom and dust pan as a “toy.” He loves helping me sweep the floors. Having him help me really feels like a game to him. With the girls, they totally see it’s a chore and don’t find as much joy in it as he does. read more