Let me tell you about my “Other Mom”

My mom is awesome. She’s always been a huge support to me, from near and afar. She moved close by a little under 5 years ago, and before then, we had a long-distance relationship for about 10 years. during that time, I got married, had 2 of my 3 kids, bought a house and so on. When my mother was away, she was going through a lot of her own trauma from the divorce from my father.. I do not blame her for her lack of focus with me. She needed time to heal herself!

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In light of all of that,  it was easy for me to turn to the older women in my church because I saw them weekly, and sometimes more. I began serving on a ministry team with another woman, about my mother’s age and her and I really clicked. Her strength, her perseverance, her love for others is what really drew me in. She would always tell me that she was a, “mean woman,” but I never believed that for a second. read more