It’s time to Potty Train!

This is the 3rd and final season for me– hallelujah! “What is this season you speak of?” you ask? Well, Potty Training Season, that is! My son is about to turn two-and-a-half (can you believe it?), so I am taking this Summer break to get him on his way to never using diapers again. Woohoo!

Potty Train Time

I am thankful that this little boy of mine is willing, ready, and pretty knowledgeable about how things go when using the big potty. He has already begun to ask me to go to the potty, knows how to pull down his pants, sit on the potty without any special equipment and “aim” correctly! I think we are on our way! read more

Mint Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

When I am feeling under the weather with a cold or something upper-respiratory, I must have something warm to consume, because 9 times out of 10, I have a sore, itchy throat, and a runny nose. Since I do not like tea whatsoever, hot chocolate is my hot beverage of choice!

mint hot chocolate recipe

It’s soothing, it’s creamy, and this year, I added a minty twist to it!

Mint Hot Chocolate Mix

And, if you have some empty plastic canisters and washy tape hanging around, turn it into a Mint Hot Chocolate Mix gift for a friend or loved one who also shares their hot chocolate excitement! I’ll give you the recipe if you keep scrolling down. It’s easy peasy! read more

No Sew Napkins & An easy dinner idea when you’re busy!

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#FamilyPizzaCombo #CollectiveBias

Guess what, y’all! We sold our house about 2 weeks ago!! Woohoo!

Sale pending girls

It has been quite the long week, with lots of packing, cleaning, purging, and all the stuff that goes along with buying a house too. boxes moving sell house

Here’s what one corner of my kitchen looks like right now. Boxes. Yay!

moving boxes

And here are some boxes piled up under the bar in my kitchen. My goal has been to pack at least a box a day until it’s time to move out– and it’s working quite well! But with that, it’s been pure craziness around here. Since I have been super busy with all of that, it’s been hard to keep up with cooking full blown meals every single night. Some nights, when we are super busy packing and such, it’s nice to be able to grab an easy meal┬áthat’s cooked for me. Can I get an Amen? read more

Three Popcorn Recipes using ACT II Popcorn

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#PopIntoSAMS #CollectiveBias

Popcorn– the food that brings everyone together. We eat it at home together, we go to the movies and devour it together, we hang out with our friends together and eat it… it’s everywhere! It is the perfect entertainment snack that my family and I love and when we see it and smell it– we want some! Whether it’s popped fresh at home or microwaved in a bag, it’s delicious.. and so versatile!

Act II Popcorn at Sam's #PopIntoSams #ad

Whenever we have a family movie or game night, popcorn is usually always involved because that’s what my girls usually always request. Sometimes, I like to spice it up a bit by adding fun flavors and items that really enhance the flavor of the popcorn– both savory and sweet. This past family hangout, I didn’t only make one popcorn recipe.. I made THREE! A recipe┬áto suit my husband, who loves spicy and savory (he’s not much of a sweets person), a recipe to suit me (I am all about sweet, buttery and salty… yum!) and a recipe to suit my girls (fun and flavorful!). I was able to create all three recipes using the ACT II popcorn I purhased at Sam’s Club during their demo this past weekend. Plus I downloaded the Ibotta app to save $2! They offered their popcorn paired with crunched OREOS, and I liked it very much! Delish! read more