Savory & Sweet Popcorn Cones – A fun snack for families!

My kids are always on the hunt for snacks. As you can see on my blog lately, I have a lot of snack ideas for kids. They especially love to have a snack when we are doing family activities, like watching a movie, playing a game or going to the zoo. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut and provide the same boring snack, but there are other times that I like to go all out and let them have a fun snack that’s easy to make!

These savory & sweet popcorn cones are one of those times where their snacking is made more fun! A good friend of mine actually gave me this idea– she said her grandmother would give her a popcorn mixes in an edible ice cream cone and she absolutely loved and cherished those times her grandma did that. I thought that was so sweet and such a genius idea, that I had to do it myself. She totally didn’t mind that I duplicated and added my own twist, so thank you for that Jess… you rock! read more

THREE Easy Snack Ideas for Kids!

Meal planning has become a big deal in my household lately. It has really helped us cut our budget and focus on becoming more financially stable. It also cuts down on waste, because everything we get at the grocery has a purpose. No more purchasing thing without a plan and then letting it go bad.. Everything has a plan and that equals more money in our pockets each month!

Every meal and EVERY SNACK gets planned out for every single day of the week. If you have kids, you know that snacks are important, so they have to be available at all times! This week, I came up with 3 really fun and really easy snack ideas that the kiddos love. They are easy and great for the kids to get involved in making. Let’s review what they are, shall we? read more

Outshine Fruit Bars – The perfect end-of-summer treat!

Summer has wound down… are you excited for Fall?  I am raising both hands right now because Fall is my FAVORITE time of year! Unfortunately, the temps are still high here, but that’s ok, I’ll take it because I can still cool down with some delicious fruity treats, like Outshine Fruit Bars!


I love that these are all chock full of real fruit and real flavor. My family’s food lifestyle has been shifting bit-by-bit towards REAL and NUTRITIOUS food. I believe where we as a family get caught up is when we want to eat the sweet junk.. it’s such a hard habit to break. read more

snickers crisper bite

Introducing the new SNICKERS Crisper!

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Sometimes, mama needs chocolate. Right now, for example, my child is crying at my feet because she got in trouble for jumping on the couch. This stressful situation definitely calls for chocolate (and probably for both of us). It can also for chocolate when I am hangry.

Hangry Vanessa

This is me, looking hangry for chocolate. Yep, just thought you’d want to see that. It’s serious business, y’all. Don’t mess with momma when she needs some! read more

After School Snack Idea with Bagel Bites & Delimex

New CB Disclosure 600px wideAfter School Snack Tray #shopSchool started this past week for my oldest. She started 2nd grade and I cannot believe it! Time is flying by so fast. She loves school and I love it too because she is learning so much. By the time she graduates grade school, she will be completely bilingual and biliterate. I think that is just amazing. They work her hard every day in class and it shows because when she gets home she is STARVING (Her words, not mine- lol)! I always have to make sure I have snacks on hand because I will not hear the end of it until there is food in her mouth. I am not even kidding. read more