Blonde Banana Bread Recipe

Blonde Banana Bread

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits and they are easily one of my girls’ favorites too! The thing about me when it comes to bananas though, is that I like to eat them when they are still a little green. I don’t do bruises, and I definitely don’t eat bananas with speckles on them. To me, that means they are too ripe!

I know that’s super picky and all, but it gave me an idea…what if I made banana bread with bananas that weren’t over-riped? What if I made them using bananas in the way that I enjoyed them? So, I did– and they turned out awesome! read more

Link Party Features:Snack Ideas

Hi everyone! I hope your week has been fabulous. I have been scouring the internet looking for yummy snack ideas for myself and my girls since my oldest is home from school for summer break. She is always complaining that she’s hungry, but she’s getting tired of the same snacks that we seem to purchase all.the.time.

I thought I would do a round up of Snack Idea recipes for my reference and for you from some of our fabulous party linkers.

So, here are EIGHT yummy Snack Ideas. Enjoy!

snack ideas read more